Anything Is Possible (2015) | Full Movie | Ethan Bortnick | Lacey Chabert | Jonathan Bennett

Ten-year-old pia prodigy Nathan runs away from home after he discovers that his mother is reported missing in action and his dad isn’t his biological father. Nathan becomes the star attraction at a benefit concert to raise money for an orphanage, and through his new friends, love, compassion and hope, reconnects with his dad and realizes that anything is possible. Directed by Demetrius Navarro Starring Ethan Bortnick, Lacey Chabert, Jonathan Bennett, Kym Whitley

For the Glory (2012) | Full Movie | Jason Burkey | Robby Stone | Michael Landers

“Golden boy” Kurt Kuykendall (Jason Burkey) has it all: good looks, a spot on his college basketball team, and hopes for playing in the Olympics. But behind the closed doors of his Bethesda, Maryland home, Kurt’s life is far from perfect. An alcoholic mother (Nancy Fondriest), a power hungry father (Michael Landers), and a family tragedy make this suburban dream home a living nightmare. When Kurt gets cut at the end of his freshman basketball season, all that he’s worked for crumbles. But this is far from the final word on Kurt’s future. Buoyed by friends (Robby Stone, Danny Cornett, Chelsie Casagrande) and his new found faith in God, Kurt discovers courage and his true calling. Director: Donald Leow Writers: Chris Craddock (as Chris Craddock), Katherine Craddock Stars: Jason Burkey, Chelsie Casagrande, Jean-Paul ChrekySHOW LESS

Restoration (2016) | Full Movie | Ken Stewart | Victoria Anastasi | John Quick

A grief-stricken man takes a job as a mechanic at a small auto repair shop and soon becomes involved with a new ragtag family who need him every bit as much as he needs them. CK Erwin is a man who’s lost his family as well as his will to live. But, when he takes a job as a mechanic at a small Auto Restore shop, he is soon involved with a new ragtag family who needs him every bit as much as he needs them. Especially feisty Samantha “Sam” Collins, a high school wrestler, who needs a private coach for her last shot at Finals this year. Director: Jeremiah McLamb Writers: David Acuff, Jeremiah McLamb, Ken Stewart (story) Stars: Ken Stewart, Victoria Anastasi, John Quick, Elle Whitfield

Movies !

A wonderful way to keep track of amazing movies on the nikipress network is to create a site just for this purpose. Movies will be posted here occasionally . We will try to make sure that there are at least a few movies a month posted here for entertainment . We need all the distraction we can get from this crazy world. We will concentrate on normal movies that remind you of the way the world should be and not how it is now. There is nothing normal about the way the world is now. So welcome , and enjoy . Wouldn’t it be great if we could get licenses to screen movies for nikipress so that we can advance the vision of nikipress ?