No Letting Go | 2015 Drama | Full Movie

No Letting Go – Based on the multi-award winning short film Illness (2013), No Letting Go (2015) follows the story of the Spencer family whose middle son, Timothy, struggles with anxiety, depression and mood disorder. As his symptoms become more and more debilitating, his parents are faced with painfully difficult choices that will change their lives forever.

The Secret Handshake (2015) | Full Movie | Kevin Sorbo | Amy Grant | J.J. Rodgers | Scott Baker

How do you help a boy walk the troublesome journey from child to manhood? Kevin Sorbo and Amy Grant star in this family comedy that journeys from suburbia, to the deep dark woods, and back again with adventure, laughter, and even a tear or two. Watch the original Hercules in a turtleneck! Director: Howard Klausner Writer: Howard Klausner Stars: Kevin Sorbo (Hercules, God’s Not Dead), Amy Grant, J.J. Rodgers, Scott Baker

Most Wonderful Time (2021) | Full Movie | Brittany Goodwin | Ben Davies

Before her mother sells their family home after the holidays, thirty-something struggling author Bria reunites with her three best friends to reminisce and re-create the glory days of their high school years. But after a chance encounter with Bria’s first love from fifteen years earlier, she is torn between her own plans for the future and rekindling her fairytale romance from the past. Director: Brittany Goodwin Writer: Brittany Goodwin Stars: Micah Lynn Hanson, Brooke Burfitt, Brittany Goodwin, Ben Davies, Layla Cushman

Grace and Gravity (2018) | Full Movie | Bruce Marchiano | Richard Brimblecombe

John Palmer, an American Christian on a work assignment in the UK, stumbles across Chris Arnold, a British atheist who is about to end his life by leaping from a bridge. John’s attempts to share his faith are fiercely rejected by Chris, a quick-witted and sarcastic Brit who knows the Bible better then he does. John realizes that it will take more than words to save Chris’s life. Grace and Gravity mixes quirky humor and riveting drama to convey ideas about authentic faith, friendship, and evangelism. Featuring exceptional performances by Bruce Marchiano (The Encounter, The Gospel According to Matthew) and Richard Brimblecombe (For Love’s Sake, 100 Streets). Director: Andrew Walkington Starring: Bruce Marchiano, Richard Brimblecombe

Courageous Love (2017) | Full Movie | Jared Withrow | Jessica Koloian | Kristina Kaylen

Courageous Love (2017) | Full Movie | Jared Withrow | Jessica Koloian | Kristina Kaylen | Daniel Knudsen Courageous Love follows Alex Shelby as he encounters romance and intrigue while trying to save the family business that he recently inherited. While working undercover at the New York City branch office he falls in love with an employee named Michelle. Alex must make a difficult decision to save his company from impending collapse or to follow his heart. Director: Daniel Knudsen Writer: Mark A. Knudsen Starring: Jared Withrow, Jessica Koloian, Kristina Kaylen, Patricia Mauceri, Tim Kaiser, Holly Houk